Re: IE 8 verses Firefox 11

Angela Delicata <angeladelicata@...>

What is ecosystem for?

Il 10/04/2012 07:57, Soronel Haetir ha scritto:
Honestly, both work pretty well with most sites.

I use Firefox most of the time, but that's mostly because I prefer the
Firefox plugin ecosystem than because I have accessibility trouble
with one or the other.

On 4/9/12, Dondi from the valley of the sun<> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for opinions as to how does IE 8 compare with Firefox 11? Is
Firefox 11 JAWS 13 accessible? And has anyone moved from IE 8 to Firefox 11
and likes it better?

And I have always heard that IE 9 was something to avoid because of the
inaccessibility with JAWS 13. Is this still true?


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