moderated Re: windows 10 update 21h1


I have had windows 21h1 build 19043.1081 for a while now on a new hp laptop and have not had the problem you speak of, but have lost eloquence and have to use sapi5 x64 factory to have speech.

Legend has it that on Wednesday 7/14/2021 04:07 PM, Juan Hernandez said:

Hi All,

This is regarding the latest windows 10 update, 21h1.

Have you noticed that your alt+tabbing has become weird? I have noticed now that when I alt tab around, I often land on something that is fully quiet and Jaws doesn't read anything. I either have to keep hitting alt+tab, or something else like windows key to get out of it. Also, the title bars of my windows aren't reading correctly everytime.

If anyone has any tips on this new windows 10 experience with alt+tab please let me know



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