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Dave Durber

In steps 10 and 11, the instructions should be:
10. TAB to the Apply button, and press SPACE.
11. TAB to the OK button and press SPACE then, press ALT+F4, to close the Settings Center.

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From: Bill White
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Subject: Re: Outlook cuts off some of the words on a line.

Hi, Albert and Richard. JAWS does not substitute the words block quote for the html code by mistake. This is an indication that a block quote is being read. A block quote is a section of text that is being quoted, and is indented about three spaces both on the left and on the right side of the text. If you want this turned off, you can do the following,


1. Open Outlook.

2. Press JAWS key plus the number six on the numbers row, to open JAWS Settings Center.

3. Arrow down to Web/Html/Pdf's closed, and press Right Arrow to open.

4. Arrow down to Reading, closed, and press Right Arrow to open.

5. Arrow down, and check which verbocity level is set for your configuration of Outlook. It will say either High, Medium, or Low.

6. Once you have found which verbocity level applies to your configuration of Outlook, proceed to step 7.

7. Arrow down to Configure Web Verbocity Levels, closed, and press Right Arrow to open.

8. Find the verbocity level that you need to change. It will be the one (High, Medium, or Low) from above, and press the SPACE BAR to open the configuration menu.

9. Find Block Quotation (it should be at or near the top of the list), and if it is checked, uncheck it.

10. TAB to the OK button, and press SPACE.

11. TAB to the second OK button and press SPACE.


Now that the Block Quote indication is turned off, you will not hear the words Block Quote when traversing a block quote. Note, however, that this is an indication of how text is formatted, and if you wish to know if you are on a block quote when this indicator is turned off, you will need to look at the beginning of a line and check if there are more spaces than usual to know if you are reading a block quote.


Bill White




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Subject: Re: Outlook cuts off some of the words on a line.


First, make sure the window is Maximized. 

Jaws substitutes the html code for a blockquote, with the words for some very confusing reason.

Are you reading line by line, or with Say All?

I have the same setup and have not experienced the cut off words.

Also, make sure there isn't another program open with a dialog that could be overlapping somehow.

Those are my best guesses.




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On Jul 10, 2021, at 4:11 PM, Albert Cutolo <Albertc51@...> wrote:

Good evening everyone, 


It seems that whenever I’m reading messages that are open in outlook with office 365, and latest jaws 2021, some of the words in a line that’s being supposed to be read, it seems that some of the words get cut off  and I have too arrow down to complete the message that I’m reading.  I do have the reading pane turned off.  My question here is that, is there a setting that I need too change, and if so what is it, and how to I go about making that change.  Sometimes, I also get a message that says block quote, or block quote end before the   I’m able too start reading a message.            

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