moderated Re: Outlook cuts off some of the words on a line.

Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>

First, make sure the window is Maximized. 
Jaws substitutes the html code for a blockquote, with the words for some very confusing reason.
Are you reading line by line, or with Say All?
I have the same setup and have not experienced the cut off words.
Also, make sure there isn't another program open with a dialog that could be overlapping somehow.
Those are my best guesses.

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On Jul 10, 2021, at 4:11 PM, Albert Cutolo <Albertc51@...> wrote:

Good evening everyone, 


It seems that whenever I’m reading messages that are open in outlook with office 365, and latest jaws 2021, some of the words in a line that’s being supposed to be read, it seems that some of the words get cut off  and I have too arrow down to complete the message that I’m reading.  I do have the reading pane turned off.  My question here is that, is there a setting that I need too change, and if so what is it, and how to I go about making that change.  Sometimes, I also get a message that says block quote, or block quote end before the   I’m able too start reading a message.            

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