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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

There are certain days, July 4, July 6, July 8 (I didn't check previous dates) where the headings for the counties are not there.

But apart from that I had no problem with Jaws 2021 and Edge, each day/date is a heading level 3 which is also a link, Jaws did read one name for some of the dates if you didn't actually go into the details for that date, but apart from that pressing enter on the heading/link opened it up and as I said, on some days you can then use Heading Level 1 to go to the beginning of the section and heading level 3 to go to the different counties, from there simple arrow down and it reads the names.



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I didn’t have any problem  2 weeks ago on desktop  when it was working on edge and firefox  to read the 2nd page  and on laptop  it read on chrome,edge and firefox  but on Friday ,June 18  and Saturday ,June 19th  it was not working on chrome in desktop  so I called microsoft disability support  to asked them to turns off the banners  but the lady support  messed up the 2nd page  and got edge and firefox  messed up when she trying to get chrome to be like on edge and firefox  but she got the 2nd page of deaths summary  in chrome  in edge and firefox  that’s why jaws not read to say Charleston  County .

Do you know how can I do the cooking setting  in chrome ,edge and firefox ?



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When I followed the link for the Death summary for Friday, July 9th.

The line below the heading on that next page was a listing for:

DANTZLER, Thomasener, Summerville

That was the only one listed.

If you hit the next link, it took you to Thursday, where there was one listing, then the next link took you to Wednesday where there was one listing….


Perhaps to get full access you actually do need a subscription or at least an account.


Since they have a subscription option; my guess is to get full details, you need an account.


Perhaps you could simply call them to find out.





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Web site:




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Subject: Can I get anyone to access this website? Postand Jaws2021


Hi All

I’m using desktop and laptop  computer windows10  and jaws2021 !! Can I ask anyone to access this website  for me to tell me if yours jaws reading ?  Here is the  links  below




When I’m on first page  I press enter on article  Deaths summary for Friday<July 9th 2021  then next  page  there is the list that say Charleston  County  with deceased name ,age,died and funeral home name  and etc  because my jaws read to say deaths summary for Thursday<July 8th 2021  and said  deaths summary for Friday,July 9th 2021  then said subscribe  after it say that  it suppose to say Charleston County  with deceased name age and funeral home  but jaws not saying that on the page. You and I do not have to subscribe  or log in account at all.

Here is example  of 2nd page on death summary for Saturday<July 3rd 2021

This is from  Saturday,July 3rdnd 2021where I was trying to explaining to yours support  how the 2nd page  on deaths summary  after click or enter  on the first page  on deaths Summary for Saturday,July 3rd2021   where on 2nd page  should have 

Deaths summary for Friday,July 2nd 2021 then  will said deaths summary for Saturday,July 3rd 2021 then it will have subscribe  then it will have this  below

Maybe the site was being worked on. Probably not though. Here’s what I copied an pasted from the page you said to go to:

Charleston County

ACKERMAN, Bessie, 79, of Charleston died Friday. Arrangements by Stuhr’s West Ashley Chapel.

MOSES, Elizabeth, 67, of Charleston died Friday. Arrangements by Low Country Mortuary of North Charleston.

PATRICK, Hamidatu Fatmata Ravenel, 33, of Charleston died Thursday. Arrangements by Stuhr’s Downtown Chapel.

WEATHERFORD, Herbert Bryan Jr., 89, of Ravenel died Thursday. Arrangements by Brice Herndon’s Walterboro Chapel.

Berkeley County

LEWIS, Harvey Lee, 88, of Hanahan died Thursday. Arrangements by Stuhr’s Northwoods Chapel of North Charleston.

YOUNG, Nancy, 68, of Goose Creek died Thursday. Arrangements by Simplicity Lowcountry Cremation and Burial Services’ Summerville Chapel.

Colleton County

GANT, Ron A., 54, of Walterboro died Friday. Arrangements by Harold Frazier Mortuary.

Dorchester County

GIACONA, Frank James, 68, of Summerville died Monday. Arrangements by Simplicity Lowcountry Cremation and Burial Services’ Ladson Chapel.


BEHR, Earl Eugene, 91, of Holly Hill died Thursday. Arrangements by Avinger Funeral Home.

BREWER, Stephanie Michelle, 39, of Rutherfordton, N.C. died June 23. Arrangements by Crowes Mortuary.

BROWN, Clarence Jr., 71, of Baltimore died Wednesday. Arrangements by Murray’s Mortuary of North Charleston, S.C.

CUNNINGHAM, Quay Hakeem, 28, of Kingstree died June 27. Arrangements by Henryhand’s Lake City Chapel.

DUGGINS, Dora T., 93, of Knightdale, N.C., formerly of Ridgeville, S.C., died Tuesday. Arrangements by The Serenity Mortuary of Summerville, S.C.



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