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N K Shackelford

Here’s what the part of the page we’re discussing looks like to me with NVDA after I hit Enter on “Deaths and Funerals for Friday, July 9, 2021.”


Deaths and Funerals for Friday, July 9, 2021

18 hrs ago

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DANTZLER, Thomasener, Summerville

DAY, Betty, Moncks Corner

DILIBERTO, Sheri, Summerville

FRANZ, Ryan, Charleston

JOHNSON, Roosevelt, Orangeburg

LLOYD, Arthur, Charleston

MACK, Phyllis, North Charleston


Now, you’ll see another thing you can do, a search, but just skip over these few lines about that, and you will see some more names.


3 Steps Only:

[ 1 ] Enter Name

[ 2 ] Press Search

[ 3 ] Get Report

First Name

Last Name

Start Search


Getting description…


MANIGAULT, Edward Jr., Charleston

MILLER, David, Charleston

SCOTT, Alvin Jr., North Charleston

SHANK, Anissa, Moncks Corner

SMITH, Juanita, North Charleston

WILLIAMS, Floyd, North Charleston

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I have Chrome set to where it tries to get a description of pictures, so that’s why you read, “Getting description…”




N K Shackelford

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