moderated Re: Word document issue/question

Cohn, Jonathan

It sounds like you are working with a protected word form. You might be able to review the content of the form by pressing insert-Z to turn on virtual mode. Also try using the JAWS cursor. If indeed the form is a protected one, you should be able to move to the areas you need to fill in by pressing the tab key.
The article at:

While a little old, does describe techniques for creating such a form and also provides some hints as to how to navigate it.

On Jul 9, 2021, at 12:04 PM, Madison Martin <> wrote:

Hi all,
I just received a Word document, but when I open it Jaws won't read it, any idea
why I can't read it and what I can do to get Jaws to read it? It's an
assessment, so it's meant to be filled in and it's not in protected view or
anything. Using latest versions of Jaws, Office 365 and Windows 10. Really hope
someone can help as I really need and want to get this filled out. Thanks

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