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Soronel Haetir

One possible fix, if the document allows it, is to save the entire
thing as text and to then use something other than adobe to read the
file. I've actually been quite happy with FS' HJPad demo application
for that sort of use.

You do not have to process the document for accessibility before
saving it, but the document might be locked against it.

On 4/9/12, Gary King <w4wkz@...> wrote:
The long ago version that you are talking about worked in an entirely
different way than the current version. With the current version of the
reader, documents either load entirely into the virtual buffer or load a
page at a time. In addition to the problem of having to advance through a
large document by pages, you also have the problem of not being able to use
the JAWS search feature to find text beyond your current page in the
document. Don't think there's a fix.

Gary King
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If anybody figures that one out, let me know immediately. Believe it or
not, AR4 allowed you to do just that, but it's been a long time. That
was the first accessible version with the little plug-in.


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There's a spesific pdf doc that I'm trying to read and it's like 1200
pages. As you might know if you choose read entire document jaws
annalizes the entire document and loads it in to the computers ram.
Because of the size of this document it makes adobe reader crash every
time. The other option is to read currently visible pages only, my
question is, when reading currently visible pages only, can you still
get adobe reader to go to the next page automatically and get jaws to
annalize the pages as you go to the next one?

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