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Since this is a wired keyboard I assume you are not looking for a wireless one and in this case I would highly recommend the Das Keyboard Professional 4 wired mechanical keyboard. You can get it with very tactile clicky Blue switches which to some may seem noisy, I find them just fine and very satisfying and I definitely prefer them over the Brown switches which are quieter and don't have the positive feedback.

This is a no-nonsense beautifully crafted keyboard made from aluminum with 2 USB 3.0 ports on the back, a very nice and large volume knob and basic buttons for mute, Play/Pause and rewind and forward as well as a dedicated Sleep button which is, however, very flush and hard to find at first.

What I like is the fact that it has a very traditional 104-key, IBM style keyboard layout with the 12 function keys with large gaps between F4 and F5 and F8 and F9, a very traditional 6-pack and cursor key T and that's it. No extra gaming keys and the function keys all work as they should out of the box and it's truly a plug and play keyboard with no software installation required, but it has updatable firmware.

It has a Windows key on either side of the spacebar as well as an application key and the usual tactile dot on the F and J keys. The F and J dots on my keyboards have worn off quite a bit, but you can get replacement key caps from them as well.

Here is the link to their website:


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Yes, but neither of my questions was answered there.





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Did you read the details on the Logitech web site for this gaming keyboard:

Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


You might call their Logitech Audio Group office at: +1 360-817-1200




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Web site:




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Subject: Questions re Logitech G815 keyboard


If anyone has experience with this keyboard, I have a couple of questions. First, does it have the context key and second, are the F keys set as function keys or as hardware keys?

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