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I agree that  it would be nice if the installation of Logitech Options software were more accessible, but it can be installed by a screenreader user with Jaws, I can't speak for Narrator since I haven't tried and I can't speak for NVDA since I don't use it.

Once installed it is really not so difficult to tab until you find the checkbox which says " Use F1 - F12 as standard function keys" and Jaws actually clearly indicates if this is checked or not checked. Furthermore even if you need sighted help to install and do this, I would still say this is not such a bad thing since once it's done once you can basically forget about it until you either completely reset Windows and have to reinstall the software or until you buy a new computer where the same is required or until you see Logitech Options in your list of installed applications and decide that maybe this is no longer needed and uninstall it in which case your function keys go back to being media keys.

At my business I use wired Das Keyboard Professional 4 mechanical keyboards which are quite expensive but in my opinion are worth it, at home where I really want a wireless keyboard my Logitech K780 has been fantastic and I think it's now at least 2 or more years old and it still works great which is good. It doesn't have an application key, but it's not so difficult to get used to Shift + F10 and while it also doesn't have a Windows Key on the right side of the spacebar that is also not that big of a deal for me, my mechanical wired keyboards have both, but I actually often find myself not even using the right Windows Key because so many keyboards don't have it and I'm used to not having it and the same goes for the application key.


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Thanks for the info, however I believe there might be quite a difference between the two model since the 815 is a gaming keyboard and has a windows key on both sides of the space bar.

I agree that the software for their keyboards is almost impossible to work with and I have had less than stellar accessibility with Logitech in the past.


I am finding myself wondering why I even tried this one and Most likely will be returning it to Best Buy in the near future.Marie



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I took possession of a Logitech K 380 a few weeks ago.

Whilst It is not this keyboard that you are looking at but found the following which might possibly apply across Logitech keyboards.

  1. For good screenreader compliance you need to change the function keys from hardware   media etc to normal Function keys.
  2. The options software you download from Logitech to achieve this – which I think is used for all Logitech keyboards is very screenreader unfriendly and realistically you need sighted help to install and use it.
  3. My keyboard has no application key. I have to use shift F10 but  occasionally  it does not respond. In these circumstances though using FN F6 will bring up the context menu on my Logitech.
  4. If you change the function keys to normal you gain an insert key. By default this is the volume down  key on my keyboard.


David Griffith


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Subject: Questions re Logitech G815 keyboard


If anyone has experience with this keyboard, I have a couple of questions. First, does it have the context key and second, are the F keys set as function keys or as hardware keys?

Thanks for any help,



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