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Gerald Levy

I also live in New York and was charged state and local sales tax of about $6 when I renewed my one year license for JAWS online yesterday for $76, bringing the total cost to $82.  By law,online merchants are required to charge applicable sales taxes, even if they don't have a physical presence in a particular state, but it is up to each state to enforce collection of these taxes.  FS is only doing what it is required by law.  Even Amazon and EBay can no longer duck charging sales tax. 



On 7/7/2021 12:40 PM, Mario wrote:

maybe I'm not getting it, but the issue for me is FS doesn't have a physical presence in New York, so why am I being charged sales tax?

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Subject: After purchasing SMA?
Date: Wednesday, July 7, 2021, 11:43 AM
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The application of sales tax is a function of where you reside and your
state’s laws regarding whether sales tax applies to computer software
and its various forms. If your state applies sales tax to software and
Freedom Scientific has a physical presence in your state, Freedom
Scientific is obligated to collect sales tax and remit it to the state.
The sales tax should be calculated on the discounted price of the
software or SMA.

Like other tax laws, application of sales tax is an ever changing
situation. So, just because it did not apply in the past, doesn’t mean
it won’t in the future.

Alan Lemly

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Did you order online? I had to call in and they are refunding me the
over charge.


Shirley Tracy

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not sure if I should complain, but before purchasing mine and applying

the 20% discount, there was sales tax added which now reduces the value

of the discount to about 12%. in previous years when I upgraded the SMA,

I never had to pay a sales tax. what should I do, let it slide or

contact Erik?

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Subject: After purchasing SMA?

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Hi Loy,

I updated my SMA to 2023 & 2024 over the weekend and today I got a

message to update my authorization when J2021 started.  I got this

authorization update message for each computer, so you'll probably

getting the same message pretty soon.

Stay safe & take care.  Mike.

Just once, I want a username and password prompt to say:  "Close Enough!"

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*Subject:* After purchasing SMA?

After purchasing a SMA, how do I get it to show  the new amount of

upgrades I have.

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