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Jim Weiss

BTW, the laptop I purchased 1 year ago has 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB SSD, 6 cores (10th generation) and the extended keyboard with the num pad (a must have for me) and I paid $700 and had it the next day.  I believe the same configuration and model on was just shy of $1200.
Jim Weiss

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How much does the del outlet cost?
And, how well has your pc worked?
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You might want to consider something like Dell Outlet.  These are new computers that come with a full warranty.  The only downside is you can’t make any changes to the configuration, they come as they have been built.  When I bought my last Dell I saved about $500 and a Dell Advisor helped me find exactly what I wanted.  I found the website a bit difficult to navigate so I just called the toll free number.  I gave them what I wanted and told them what was a “must have” and what was a “would be nice to have”.  It may take a couple of calls since inventory changes daily, but the savings are pretty good.
Jim Weiss

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Thank you for your responses. I think I’ll probably look around at different places for laptops. I would like my laptop to be new, so it doesn’t die shortly after I purchase it. I’m planning to get a laptop for my long-term needs. I could handle, on my own, using something like narrator to help me install jaws.

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On Tue, Jul 6, 2021 at 06:27 PM, Gerald Levy wrote:
The free one-year license for JAWS by itself is worth the price of the computer.
Gerald, your entire message said it better than I ever could, but this last point is really important, too.

But having a computer you can use "out of the box" without any assistance (providing you're not someone who's not yet capable of using a screen reader) is just a huge plus in all ways.  But having one year to play with JAWS and being able to add NVDA and having Narrator makes "compare and contrast" to decide what you really like much easier, too.  (And that isn't to say that switching between screen readers is easy.  But if you want to get a real sense of using each of the current majors it's an easy and cheap way to do so.)

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