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Mike B.

Try checking the following and turning it off to see if it stops the lengthy messages.
Open settings with, Windows key + I, and tab 1 time to, System, and press enter.
Tab 1 time into the list of categories and down arrow to, Notifications and Actions, and press enter.
Now tab to, Get Tips, Tricks and Suggestions while you use Windows, and uncheck this checkbox with the spacebar.
You can now just close it out with, Alt + F4, there's no apply or okay buttons.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
Just once, I want a username and password prompt to say:  "Close Enough!"

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Hello, I have received these lengthy explanations while navigating the Microsoft 365 ribbon, but only with Narrator or NVDA, but never with Jaws.

I am not even 100% certain that this lengthy text is even appearing on the screen

I do find the explanations fascinating, but also find it interesting that I have never gotten them with Jaws, only the other two  screen readers.



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Hi all,

As an instructor, I am exposed to many other people’s computers. Recently, I have noticed that when some trainees navigate to a ribbon command on their computers, and pretty sure it is Office 365, they hear a long explanation of what the command does. This may be useful initially, but after a short time, nobody wants to hear that any more. I have played around in settings center and quick settings, altering verbosity, but that does not help. Any idea of how to get rid of these explanations?







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