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On Tue, Jul 6, 2021 at 04:55 PM, David Diamond wrote:
Once I literally had to wait 10 minutes for the computer to boot up.  I thought that was normal. 
Well, we both know that's not the case.  Either a lemon or someone inadequately prepped the thing and it wasn't adequately tested afterward.

Even back in the early days, a 10 minute boot up time would have been considered exceedingly long.

I'm not trying to paint Computers for the Blind as something it's not, either.  They sell refurbished, used computers pre-configured for blind users at a very reasonable price.  That's a service in and of itself.  If you can afford newer and better and want newer and better then you should buy it.  Just make sure you have someone who can set everything up if you're not already that someone.

I get some of the business I get because it's known that I know how to avoid screwing up accessibility and how to do quick and dirty testing to ensure I haven't.  Many techs have no idea of what accessibility is or how to do any sort of assessment of whether it's working or not.

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