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Hey Brian.


Oh, I’ve no doubt there’sa n appeal – I mean, not everyone has the kind of resources that I was just talking about, and I suppose not everyone knows that they can get narrator up and running quickly, or put NVDA on a usb and have it up pretty fast. Alo, not everyone has people “on standby” who know hardware and can help set things up if needed.

I do know someone who got a computer from this organisation and she said it died within a short time, too. I’m aware all this evidence is anecdotal, but it doesn’t inspire much confidence regardless. Then again, this person didn’t really specify much or know – could have been the motherboard that died but also something simpler like the power supply for all I know.



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with working displays, much cheaper on ebay and elsewhere.

Not already configured with software used by a very great many blind people.  That's the appeal, as far as I can tell along with the price.  They're ready to use by someone who's blind and has familiarity with a screen reader right out of the box.  I don't have the last one that was obtained from them, but I did set up Windows 10 on it as it had originally come several years back with Windows 8.1.

Like I said, I have yet to see a truly substandard machine come from them.  It's not that I doubt there have been some, but probabilities are that you'll get a perfectly adequate machine for home use (or light home business use) that could last you at least 3 years or so, often more, depending on what you do.

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