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JM Casey

Yeah, I really don't see the point in using any such agency -- y ou can get
perfectly good cheap laptops, with working displays, much cheaper on ebay
and elsewhere. I paid $200 for my Lenovo -- yeah it's a bit old but it runs
Windows 10 fine and has cool stuff like a CD/DVDr drive and plenty of USB
ports and HDMI and other goodies. Only a dinky processor but that's ok for
my purposes; I have a much more powerful desktop anyway, which I also only
paid around $500 to have built for me. Spend the time to get to know people
and find the right connections and you'll never need these sorts of
That said, you are right about the reasons people donate those machiens --
but that's actually fine, because the org is *supposed* to refurbish the
computers, not just pack 'em in a box to send to some poor unsuspecting
blind person. Desktops especially are pretty adaptable.

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Years ago, I got a refurbished lap top and it too was slower then molasses
in January. I put in a SSD and the loading speed tripled. It turned out
that it was originally a windows 7 that had been upgraded to 10. Now, it is
so old, HP does not even carry some of the drivers needed to fix it. I
naturally don't expect the latest and greatest, however, it would have been
nice If I did not have to wait minutes, 5 or more for it to load up.
Sometimes I think these agencies that donate computers, just do it for 2
reasons, no one wants them, or they are on their last legs and the company
wants to claim it as a charitable donation for tax purposes. When the real
truth is they can't be sold and it is the old, "shut up and just be happy
with what you got. What do you expect! Attitude. I remember a while back a
person fixed lap tops and was selling them for $3 or $400. Big problem was
there was no display on the screen. For the sighted, very important. He
lamented that no one was purchasing them. I was given one of them and it
died with no chance of resurrecting it or repairing it within 6 months of
receiving it. Another one, the mother board was shot not to mention the
battery lasted for 10 minutes on a full charge. It was suggested it was
cheaper just to get a new one.

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Hi Michael,
While I have not ordered a machine from this company, I was assisting
someone who received a unit. The problem she encountered was that it took
several minutes for her machine to start up. She was with Voc Rehab and I
think they contacted the company to resolve the issue.


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Have any of you ever ordered a laptop from Computers for the Blind? What
did you think of the results? Was the computer in good condition? I
understand that these computers are refurbished.

Thank you,

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