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While I have never owned a computer from Computers for the Blind, a friend of mine who I served as tech support for purchased a number of laptops over the years.

They are not "the latest and greatest" and, at least up until very recently (if even now), they routinely came with conventional HDDs not SSDs.  But they were solid machines, many business class laptops off of long term lease that were "too old" to sell as refurbished to the broad general market, but with more than enough get up and go to handle routine web browsing, emailing, and office-suite type programs.

Some did not, however, come with full-sized "desktop layout" keyboards, but I think that's likely different now, too, as it's a small minority of laptops that don't have a number pad on them.

Make sure that the features you want are something you request specifically, e.g., having a number pad (or not having a number pad, as the case may be).

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