Re: Quickbooks, yes quickbooks, Accessible accounting/bookkeeping software

Chris Smart <csmart8@...>

he's working on JFW scripts.

At 11:55 AM 4/9/2012, you wrote:
so are you saying that quickbooks is going to be axcessible cause you are
working with them on making it so or is it going to be jfw scripts and will
it be for versions starting with now and later?

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Subject: Quickbooks, yes quickbooks, RE: Accessible accounting/bookkeeping

Well, if you can wait a little while, Quickbooks will be available to you.
Intuit and I are at work on this one. In fact, I just got done with the
initial assessment and testing of all the windows. Working pretty darn good
I'd say. I'll keep you posted.
John Martyn

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Subject: Accessible accounting/bookkeeping software

Hi all
I'm looking for accounting/bookkeeping software which is accessible with
jaws 13 on windows 7, any ideas? I'm not looking for something very advanced
it's only for a small business.

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