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Mich Verrier

Yes hear in Canada we can't get the 99 a year or what ever it is for jaws that they have on offer but to answer the question I think the reason why there sales only apply to the us is because they are a US company. And I agree jaws is expencive enough and hear in Canada the venders can charge up to 1000 for it because they know that we are a nitch market and that they have us by the balls and know it. from Mich.

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Is there a reason all of their sales seem to only apply in the US?
Jaws is already more expensive in the UK as it is.

On 7/4/21, Gerald Levy via <bwaylimited@...> wrote:

Eventually, the SMA option is expected to be phased out, and all JAWS
users will be switched to the annual subscription option, which will be
more profitable for Freedom Scientific.


On 7/4/2021 9:13 AM, Marie wrote:

If you have the SMA, why in the world would you switch to an annual


On 7/3/2021 1:24 PM, William Vandervest wrote:

If I have a SMA with no upgrades, how do I determine when it will
expire, and if I purchase a Home Annual Licence, will it start
immediately, or at the time my SMA expires?

William Vandervest


Win10 latest revision

There are none so blind, as those who will not see.

William Vandervest


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New post on Freedom Scientific Blog

Take Advantage of our Software Discounts
Elizabeth Whitaker

Freedom Scientific is offering a 20 percent discount on software for
customers living in the U.S. With the National Federation of the
Blind (NFB) 2021
National Convention right around the corner, there’s no better time
to purchase a new software license or renew an existing one.

Home Annual License

Receive a 20 percent discount when purchasing a new Home Annual
license of JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion. Visit the
Home Annual page of the Freedom Scientific e-store to purchase your
license. You will not need a code to receive this discount. It will
be automatically applied upon purchase.

If you already have a Home Annual license and want to renew it, log
into the
Freedom Scientific Licensing Portal,

and select Renew. The discount is automatically applied to your
purchase. The renewal term you choose will be added onto the end of
your existing license
no matter where you are in your current term.

Home ILM Upgrades and SMAs

If you have a Home Internet License Manager (ILM) and need to
purchase an upgrade or add a software maintenance agreement (SMA),
the same 20 percent discount
applies. Visit the
Freedom Scientific Serial Number Lookup Page


and enter your serial number to check your licensing status. You
will not need a code to receive this discount. It will be
automatically applied when
purchasing an ILM or SMA.


Currently, OpenBook software for home use is specially priced at
$195.00, but you can get this price only by calling Freedom
Scientific Customer Service
at 800-444-4443.

Pro Licenses

If you have purchased a Pro license for JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion for
use at home, you can receive a 20 percent discount when purchasing an
upgrade and/or
SMA. Contact Customer Service at 800-444-4443 to receive this
discount. The 20 percent discount will apply to the Pro software
upgrades and SMAs for users
who want to keep their Pro licenses rather than switching to home

Vispero NFB Event Page

Visit the
Vispero NFB Event

page for all the details, plus learn about discounts for low vision
hardware devices and the Pearl camera. Check out Vispero’s schedule
of events and
join us at the 2021 NFB National Convention!

Elizabeth Whitaker
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