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Ann Byrne

thanks, Alan. that works. Not convenient, but workable. FS says you can't read just the visible text; fun to prove them wrong. (LOL)

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Hi Ann,

The best workaround I've come up with to give you what you want is to turn
on wrap text for the format of the column you're checking as explained in my
previous post. When you place focus on the cell with the text you're
checking, for example the cell containing Wednesday is the middle of the
week per your original post, press F2 to edit that cell, and press ctrl +
home, Fusion speaks what is displayed in line 1 of the wrapped text. It will
speak the other wrapped lines as you arrow up and down while in edit mode.
Based on what is spoken for the first line, you can work out what is
truncated when wrap text is turned off.

I hope this helps.

Alan Lemly

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Thank you. I don't want to change the size of the cell. what I want is to
know which characters are visible on the screen when a cell is truncated.
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Hi Ann
Not sure if this is helpful, or you are already aware, but to auto-fit
the column width to the text in it you can do the following.

1.Select the Column you are in with Ctrl+ Space 2. Press Alt+H to get
to the Home Tab 3. Press ZC For Cell 4. Press O for Format Cell
5 Press I for Auto- format column width

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