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Ann Byrne

thanks for the response. Here's what Vispero says:
Thank you for contacting Technical Support.

Unfortunately, there is no way to just have JAWS read the visible text. your best bet here is to widen the column so that all the text will fit.

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I'm sorry this doesn't totally answer your question but it may help a little. If you go into JAWS Quick Settings with insert-V, then in the edit box type in "cell text visibility" it should come up with that option. If you enable this option it will tell you if it overlaps and about how many cells it overlaps to. But, unfortunately, I'm not aware of how to get it to read only the text you're seeking.

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thanks, Justin. F2 reads the full contents of the cell, whether it is visible on the screen or not. I want a command that reads only the 8 or so characters in the cell I am in, not the total contents that overflow behind the next cell.
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F2 will read text in a cell.
It will say edit, and you can reas whatever is in the cell.


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using the JAWS cursor to read the text on the screen is the only way
that I'm aware of. if there's another way, I'd like to know as well.

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The text "Wednesday is the middle of the week" has been entered into
cell a1 of a spreadsheet with default width of 8.11 points. It
overlaps, of course into at least the next two cells. How can I
determine what is actually displayed in a1? F2 reads all the text,
whether displayed or not. Routing JAWS to PC speaks What else can I



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