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Shan Noyes



I’ve been using ms Teams for almost 2 years now.  Initially just used the scripts included with Jaws, then tried out the free scripts from Doug Lee, and a month ago purchased the Teams course as well as the scripts from Brian Hartgen.


The first thing I would like to point out about Brian’s scripts  is that he has put a lot of emphasis on being efficient.  There are lots of commands in his scripts that make a user extremely efficient when working with Teams.




  1. A key stroke to tell you the status of the mike when on a teams call.
  2. A key stroke to list all the participants in the meeting
  3. A key board command to jump to and display the conversations in a meeting.
  4. A keyboard command that will bring the ms teams into focus from any other location.  Extremely useful.
  5. Ability to assign sounds to notifications etc.

Although I’ve been using ms teams for almost 2 years, I’ve experienced some difficulties in areas like working with team feeds as compared to the chats

So I’ve found his ms teams course extremely helpful. 


Note: I’ve attended webinars from both Microsoft Accessibility desk, and Vispero.  These webinars were good to get you going, but to really use the full capability of ms teams Brian’s course is great.


So if you are concerned with being as efficient when working with ms Teams as your sighted colleagues then Brian’s course and scripts are worth the cost.  As well Brian fully supports his work, he has an email group for questions and one can always ask for new features to be included in the scripts and if they make sense he adds them.


Anyways, I’m very happy with both the course and the scripts.


If you have any other specific questions please feel free to write me at any time.


Have a nice day.





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What does the Brian Hartgen  scripts offer that JFW does not already include in the out of the box scripts? I’m looking for impressions from those who have used both.





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Hi Milton and all,


Thank you for the information.






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Hi you can find old scripts at:


I believe these scripts are free but they are not up-to-date.


You can buy scripts from Brian Hartgen as he has done a webinar and has scripts that you can buy from his website at:


Payment can be made through Paypal






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Subject: scripts for MS Teams


Hi all,


I am looking for scripts to work with MS Teams. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you.





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