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On Mon, Jun 28, 2021 at 07:33 PM, Rod wrote:
Why would you need to bring a laptop to the interview?

Employers are required to provide reasonable accommodations at all stages in the employment process.
I am not saying one is, or is not, required to bring any specific thing to an interview.  That being said, whatever it is that you would typically use as your at-home note-taking method is something you should have.  There's nothing wrong with taking notes during an interview.

And, getting away from the legalistic side of things, you have to realize that many employers have no idea what reasonable accommodations are (regardless of the specific disability involved) because they've never had to provide them in the past.  And even those that do know about screen readers, braille displays, and the like are very unlikely to have same available to you during an interview process unless some formal on-computer exercise is a part of their process, and it seldom is.

There is the distinct possibility that you can impress them, greatly, with your own impromptu demonstration of your own technology and using it for tasks routine to the setting in which your seeking employment.  Many individuals have never, ever seen or heard a screen reader or encountered someone using one.  And that's not due to malice, but because those who do use this technology are a small, very small, minority of the world as a whole.  It's unrealistic to expect that your average Joe or Jane "on the street, or in the office" will have even the slightest exposure to assistive technologies.

And none of the above is saying or suggesting you must, or should, feel pressured to put on the proverbial "dog and pony show."  If you don't think that anything specifically related to technology or the use of same will come up as part of an interview then leaving everything at home is fine.  But if you suspect is might, being able to put on your own display to impress them certainly is not going to hurt.

Most sighted people are completely ignorant about what individuals who are blind are capable of.  And that's because they don't know any, and it's very easy to go through life not knowing anyone who's blind beyond the very infrequent casual encounter.  Strutting your stuff in an interview is a part of what's expected, along with tooting your own horn.  It's not a time for modesty, but for showing what you've got that the employer wants.

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