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Michael Walker

Hi George,

What job did you interview for?

Thank you,

On Jun 29, 2021, at 5:20 AM, G. Gray <> wrote:

A few thoughts about this subject which may or may not help. First off I interviewed for a job back in the dinosaur age...1971. We didn't have laptops then, but I did have a small micro cassette recorder. I had it in my shirt pocket and it was ready to go when needed. That was a help in taking notes during the interview.

2. I did not tell the interviewer that I was blind before the interview. I chose to disarm him/her at the interview. After greetings were exchanged...I explained that I had lived with blindness for several years and knew how to deal with problems and obstacles. I told him/her that I wanted them to feel comfortable with me during the interview and that they could feel free to ask me anything! That seemed to lift barriers.

I personally feel that an interviewer subconsciously thinks "if I were would I do this task?" Since they have no familiarity with it, they can't be done...which is why I tried to disarm them at the outset.

Anyway I did get the job, but I did go through many interviews before getting it!!!

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1 Thessalonians 4:16-18


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