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It was for a database administrator job, so they asked a lot of technical questions. They had already done a preliminary interview by phone, and flew me out to where they were located, so I had told them I was blind. We had a good discussion about how I was able to do my work, but I did not take a laptop with me. I actually am not sure what I would have shown them, since I would not have had access to their systems at that point. They also contacted a few references which I provided that were previous employers.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

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Hi Rod,

Technical interviews may require coding exercises. I am not sure how people who can see do those. At my prior programming job, it was just a phone interview.

Pam, what did they do at your in-person interview?

Thank you,

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´╗┐Why would you need to bring a laptop to the interview?

Employers are required to provide reasonable accommodations at all stages in the employment process.

Do you have specific concerns?


Rod Alcidonis, Esq.
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When you went to job interviews, did you bring your own laptop with
JAWS, or did the employer provide JAWS as an interview accommodation? I
currently only have a desktop, but am willing to obtain a laptop. I am
assuming that I cannot expect any interview accommodations, and that I
should be prepared. Any thoughts?

Thank you,


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