moderated Re: Question about JAWS at job interviews

Richard Turner <richardturner42@...>

I would never expect an employer to offer a laptop as an interview tool.
If you go to an interview, and you expect to take notes; you should take your note taking tools with you.
A sighted person would not show up and expect them to provide a pen and paper.
If the job interview involves some kind of testing, then that should be accessible unless the interviewer doesn't know you have a disability.

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On Jun 28, 2021, at 3:28 PM, Michael Walker <michael.walker199014@...> wrote:


When you went to job interviews, did you bring your own laptop with JAWS, or did the employer provide JAWS as an interview accommodation? I currently only have a desktop, but am willing to obtain a laptop. I am assuming that I cannot expect any interview accommodations, and that I should be prepared. Any thoughts?

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