moderated Re: I’m grasping at straws, but has anyone had memory problems with jaws?

Phillip Gross

This is an old thread, but I wanted to post the solution in here. That way, if anyone else has the same issues and searches the list, it is available.

When I started the thread, I mentioned that I didn’t think it was JAWS, but I was grasping at straws and checking all possibilities. It was not Jaws. It was the culprit we spent half of this thread discussing, MaxxAudio.

The problem with disabling MaxxAudio in startup is that your headphones are no longer recognized. So don’t use the Realtek driver with Maxxaudio. I switched to the High Definition Audio driver, and I haven’t had any issues for the last month. It does make the internal speakers on the laptop sound tinny, but if you’re using external speakers or headphones that isn’t a problem.

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