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In addition, Silenzio will prevent certain USB sound cards from going to sleep. I have a Creative Labs USB sound card which, if Silenzio is not installed, goes to sleep after a while and stays a sleep. The only way to get it to work again, is to restart Windows 10. I have another problem in that, if Silenzio is not installed, and I am using JAWS 2021, and I run the latest version of Kertzweil 1000, Kertzweil will freeze, during the conversion process but, it does not, when I run JAWS 2020. The JAWS function, :Avoid speech cut off when using Blue Tooth headphones or some sound cards" when checked, does not work for this particular USB sound card. Mind you, in Windows 7, I never, ever,  had the problem of any sound card goingh to sleep at all.

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What does this program do?
If you are using a Bluetooth audio output device, the purpose of Silenzio is to play an endless loop of silence so that the device cannot be put into sleep mode by Windows.  As a power saving mechanism Bluetooth devices are put to sleep after a period of inactivity.  For most of them, that doesn't matter, as the reawakening is more than quick enough that you have no idea they were asleep.  But with audio devices and screen readers, a sleeping device will often not reawaken fast enough to play the first little bit of what the screen reader is saying.  How big that "little bit" happens to be varies from computer to computer and Bluetooth output devices.

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