Moderated Re: Tips for File Explorer


Here's a technique for getting the file path from a file using the copy as a path technique JM mentioned.  If you want to know where a file is located in the file system, this technique will do it.  This is helpful when organizing folders and files

Go to the file or folder
Shift + f10 to bring up context menu
press a to select Copy as path
JAWS + space, then c to bring up the clipboard text viewer
then use navigation keys to step through the path name word by word.

File paths will start with a code for the external drive label, like the C:
Folders names are separated by a \

A variation of this technique is to copy the path using the virtual ribbons buttons, which have short cuts alt + h, then c then p

There is a way to verify the paths these techniques produce are correct, if having a verification technique helps your learning.   But I won't get into that here because in my opinion,  MicroSoft could make a more user friendly File explorer.

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