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I’ve tried the JAWS feature mentioned in this email, and it didn’t work for me. Silenzio does, so I’m happy.


Kevin and Jilly


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Hi Marie,


A new feature came out in one of the J2020 versions that does this same thing.  Read below for details.


Note: The new setting is explained after the 2 emails.
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From: Jessica D

I’m curious why the option to have jaws not cutoff words, is only available when audio ducking is disabled. 

I use audio ducking all the time, but would still love to be able to take advantage of this feature.




From: Bill White

Hi, Jessica. The reason the new setting in JAWS to keep sound cards awake is not enabled while Audio Ducking is enabled is because, while audio is being
ducked, another application is running which uses the sound card. If another application is using the sound card, that application will usually keep the
sound card awake, independently of JAWS. 

Bill White 


New Option to Keep Wireless Speakers and Sound Cards from Clipping Speech When JAWS or Fusion Begins Speaking  
Many modern Bluetooth headphones and speakers as well as some onboard sound cards shut down when no audio is received in order to conserve battery. JAWS
now includes a new option, which when enabled, keeps these devices awake by constantly playing silence. You will not hear anything, but your device will
remain active, resulting in more consistent speech. To enable this feature,
open Settings Center (INSERT+6) on the number row, press CTRL+SHIFT+D to
the default settings, and search for "Avoid speech cut off when using
Bluetooth headphones or some sound cards."
Note: The battery of your headphones/speakers could drain faster if you
choose to turn on this feature. This option is also not available if the
Audio Ducking feature is enabled which lowers the audio volume of programs while
JAWS speaks.



Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
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From: Marie

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Subject: Solenzio


Could someone please post a link for the Solenzio utility? Thanks much, Marie


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