moderated Re: Do Any Of You Use Spotify?

douglas richard dexheimer

i've tried spotify on pc and iphone and had a mixed experience, partial success, partial failure; some years ago i tried it with nvda and the voice kept saying "unknown unknown". a couple years ago i tried premium but couldn't get it to activate on my iphone or pc. i use apple music, youtube, amazon music for most of my recorded albums and songs; would spotify have selections the other platforms don't?

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On 6/25/2021 8:18 AM, James English wrote:
I do, and it works well (even with my out of date version of jaws.)
The recent update has made the interface more clunky but it still
works very well with jaws.
On 6/25/21, Rick Miller <> wrote:
Dear Listers:

Do any of you use Spotify, the music program? If so, how compatible is it
with the latest version of JAWS?

Rick Miller

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