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Hi Rosie.


Well now, ctrl-shift-escape will get you to the task manager.

Insert-f10 is a jaws command that invokes a list of application windows. You can’t really do anything with them once you see the list except go to that open window. It also doesn’t show processes or even background apps, just ones with visible windows. The task manager is a feature of windows and you can use it to do many things, like monitor the status of running proccesses (prorammes) to see how much disk space, ram or CpU they are using, start and end tasks, configure startup items and more.



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Rosie here...


what is differnet between  manager  shift control plus escape  and another is  f10 plus insert appacashion

 sorry can't spell it



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I'm not quite sure what you're getting at with your first question.

As far as getting the full path for any selected file or files, ALT+H,CP, will copy the full path to the file(s) to the clipboard for pasting wherever you might need it.  If you have multiple files selected, the paths, when pasted, will be one to a line.

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