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JM Casey

Yeah..since the shift-f10 invocation sometimes gives you more options than the mere applications key, but the reverse never seems to be true, it probably makes sense for most people to just get into the habit of using shift-f10 all of the time, especially as keyboards increasingly don’t seem to have that applications key anymore.

Interesting how back in the old days, keyboards had neither a windows key nor an applications key. Then at some point in the windows evolution, keyboard manufacturers started adding them. The Windows key will stick around, but it seems the applications key may have just been a flash in the pan. ;)



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On Wed, Jun 23, 2021 at 12:21 PM, JM Casey wrote:

It isn’t available just by pressing the applications key, though. You have to use shift f10. I don’t know why this is and it is somewhat annoying that the two menus are sometimes inexplicably different.

Nor do I.  I, too, have encountered (and documented, somewhere) several very rare occasions where the Applications/Menu Key and SHIFT+F10 are not 100% functionally equivalent.

I do not have an Applications/Menu Key on any of my laptops, and Microsoft's own documentation states (incorrectly) that these two invocation options for the context menu are functionally equivalent.  I have no choice but to use SHIFT+F10 most of the time.  Even some of my USB keyboards lack an Applications/Menu Key.

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