moderated Re: creating an electronic copy

tom x

Hi Mike,

Yeah, this one is also a Epson Perfection but can't remember the model number.

Anyway, we'll see what happens when I go to turn the printed page into an electronic copy.



On 21/06/2021 1:59 pm, Mike B wrote:
> Hi Tom, > > I use the Windows Fax and Scan with our Brother all in one laser > over Openbook and my flatbed scanners, and I have both a Canon LIDE > 220 and a Epson Perfection V39, whenever I can. The Brother just > seems to take a better picture, better software, probably. From a > visual point of view my wife, who's sighted verses me being totally > blind likes the Brother results better. Of course I'm talking about > scanning with the Canon or Epson flatbeds with Openbook verses > taking a picture with the Brother. > > > Stay safe & take care. Mike. Just once, I want a username and > password prompt to say: "Close Enough!" > > ----- Original Message ----- *From:* tom x > <mailto:ballistic719@...> *To:* > <>   

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