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Also, Capital one makes a point of informing its blind customers its on line banking services are compatible with Jaws.  I use that on line bank for one of my accounts.  t


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If you have a smart phone, Capital One, Bank of America, and US Bank have apps that are fully accessible.

Capital One is geared for online banking; though they do have a few locations where you can meet with someone; but their focus is to be available mostly online.





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I use Prime Bank for most of my accounts. Their page is accessible mostly. I’ve had good luck with Wellsfargo. Bank of America is ok mostly. Good luck.


Lori Lynn



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HI everyone,


I have been with Simple Bank, for the last few years and I just loved their accessibility.  They just got bought out by BBVA USA and their accessibility has gone down the drain hugely.


What online banks do you guys recommend that are accessible? And also have good service, and are just good banks?


Any advice is appreciated.







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