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Mike B.

Hi Tom,
I use the Windows Fax and Scan with our Brother all in one laser over Openbook and my flatbed scanners, and I have both a Canon LIDE 220  and a Epson Perfection V39, whenever I can.  The Brother just seems to take a better picture, better software, probably.  From a visual point of view my wife, who's sighted verses me being totally blind likes the Brother results better.  Of course I'm talking about scanning with the Canon or Epson flatbeds with Openbook verses taking a picture with the Brother.
Stay safe & take care.  Mike.
Just once, I want a username and password prompt to say:  "Close Enough!"

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From: tom x
Sent: Sunday, June 20, 2021 8:30 PM
Subject: creating an electronic copy

Thanks to all those who answered my query regarding making an electronic
copy of a completed printed one page document.

The pdf document would not let me load it into Word 2013 but accessing
the document was not the problem. It was making an electronic copy so it
could be attached to an email when finished.

I have an Epson flatbed scanner and will try out Mike's suggestion
regarding the Windows Fax and scan program as soon as the form is filled



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