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Don Walls

If the varilus suggestions aren't feasible for you, couldn't you use control C and then control V to copy the text into a Word file to be attached to your email?


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I was thinking of the Voice Dream Scanner app in particular.
You can scan a page, and add the rest of the pages, and then export it as a PDF.
I have done this with forms for the State Library for the Blind.
Since this is a Jaws list, if you want more help with this, write me off list.

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Thanks to both Glenn and Richard for suggesting the smart phone idea.

Will try it out.



On 21/06/2021 6:08 am, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
You can use a phone to take a picture of it and send it as a JPG.
An image is akin to a PDF.
Plus, you can convert a JPG into a PDF with the right software.
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Hoping someone can assist me with my problem.

I have been sent a three page .pdf file which contains one page of
questions which require me to answer, sign and email back to the sender.

A sighted person can fill out the now printed page for me but my
question is how to convert the completed form into an electronic copy
which can be attached to an email?

I can gain access to a copy of Kurzweil 1000 v14 but thephoto copier
utility seems to only allow the copy to be printed rather than being
saved in an electronic format.

Is there anyway Kurzweil, Windows 10 or Jaws 2021 can be used to
create an electronic copy of the completed document while retaining
the original format?




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