moderated Re: JAWS Sluggish After 2.5 Hours of Use Since June Update?

John Covici

I just had this problem, Jaws was almost non responsivbe, particularly
in firefox and restarting firefox did not fix things, so I did a
reboot -- sounds like a memory leak somewhere, but how to tell where
is a real problem.

On Sat, 19 Jun 2021 17:00:46 -0400,
Kevin Minor wrote:

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I don't have this issue on my Asus laptop. My computer is a little over a year old, has 16 GB of memory, a Realtek sound card, and works great. I do have to reboot every 2 or 3 days, but with what I do, I understand why.

Maybe others having this issue may have older computers, less RAM, or something else that's causing the problem. Oh yeah, I'm also using a Bluetooth speaker for my sound, so that might be something different.

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Subject: Re: JAWS Sluggish After 2.5 Hours of Use Since June Update?

I can't speak to the sluggish part however at rare times I too get the crackling . A JAWS re start fixes the issue.
No particular reason or pattern for the issue.
These kinds of bugs are nearly impossible to find and fix as they are intermittent and may have multiple causes.

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Subject: Re: JAWS Sluggish After 2.5 Hours of Use Since June Update?

I run into this crackling issue from time to time, but very infrequently. I would say I use Jaws pretty intensely, I don't always have 10 browser tabs open, but I do work often for several hours with very few breaks with at least 3 or 4 tabs open as well as Outlook, Excel a couple of Notepad files and Adobe sometimes with 2 or 3 PDF files open. At times I even use Edge as well as Chrome at the same time so instead of opening more tabs in Edge I may use Chrome and as I said, I come across this very rarely and I have never noticed anything which would allow me to reproduce it..

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Sent: Saturday, June 19, 2021 7:20 AM
Subject: JAWS Sluggish After 2.5 Hours of Use Since June Update?

Hi Everybody,

Has anyone else noticed that JAWS becomes incredibly sluggish and crackling audio can be heard after about 2 or 2.5 hours of intensive use?

Try the following:

1. Make sure the June JAWS update is running.
2. Start Chrome or Edge.
3. Open and use 10 or more tabs, switching between them and working intensively for about 2 hours. Observe that JAWS becomes less and less responsive over time and it is eventually necessary to restart JAWS.

Does anyone else out here experience this situation?



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