Moderated questions about the home annual license

Vicky Collins

Of course I can contact Freedom Scientific, and will likely do so early next week, but I figured I would ask here first just in case.

First, when logging into the portal for the home annual license and then going to the place to update ones profile, for some reason, updating the email address doesn't seem to be available. There's a checkbox to have a reminder sent when it's time to renew the license, but that won't help a lot if the person has changed their email address. So am I missing something here, or is it just not possible to update the email address online?

Second, I just recently purchased a used ElBraille 14 from someone, and I wanted to have that JAWS license separate from my SMA license for my main computer, so I could use them both at the same time if I wanted. That's why my questions now about the home annual license, as I just activated it for the ElBraille. Never mind, grin, that I've had this license for some time now, getting it a discount around convention time last year, and so only have a little over a couple of months on it left. Anyway, best I can tell, one is able to log in to the portal and deactivate and active license, or perhaps I should say an active use of that license. Thus, just out of curiosity, if I were to log into the portal and deactivate the ElBraille from another computer or phone, would the ElBraille automatically go into demo mode on boot up if not connected to the internet, or would the full license still work until I connected to the internet? Also, if I were to deactivate the license on the ElBraille, I'm assuming I could reactivate it again if still during the term of the license?

My activation questions are more of a curiosity thing, especially since being used to notetakers and not using a braille display to work the computer, it took me forever to figure out how to write the at sign on the ElBraille so I could get logged into the portal to activate the thing, so I plan to leave it activated. It's going to be quite a learning curve going from the U2 Mini and occasional use of the Polaris to the ElBraille, but I'm looking forward to it.

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