New scripts for copytrans manager ready for testing troubleshooting

Rob <musicmaker365@...>

I dont want to upset people on the list, so please email me offlist at
I dont know a lot about jaws scripting, so anyone who does, please help!

for those of you with problems here are some things to try.
first, do you have the scripts installed?
while in the program, turn on keyboard help with insert+1.
now press the hot keys:
if jaws tells you the functions of those key strokes, the scripts are installed.
OK, now you can exit keyboard help with insert+1.
remember to have the copytrans window maximized and your iPhone iPod or iPad connected.

if Jaws want read the list items,
import this settings file:
after that, if jaws does not read the list items,
while in the program, press ctrl+Insert+H
to set foreground and background colors.
if you continue to have trouble with windows 7,
right click or use the applications key on the copytrans manager.exe file and choose troubleshoot compatibility.
for help importing the settings file, see below.
While in the copytrans manager,press ctrl+Tab
to get to settings,
tab to show welcome window on startup and uncheck it.
then tab to advance settings
press enter to open it.
then tab to import to choose the
ct settings.xml
Once you find the CopyTrans Manager settings.xml file,
enter on it to select it.
now you should be back on the import button, press alt+F4. then ctrl+Tab to get back to the main tab.

Hot keys
press ctrl+D to move to the device list
ctrl+S to search
do not hit enter after typing your search, press ctrl+F to get the results
ctrl+F focus on the file list.
You can also use the applications key when focused on items such as music, playlists and devices.
Ctrl+1 opens the command menu
You can also get to the add files, or open window, by pressing the applications key while focused on the file list. its the second option from the bottom.


On 4/6/2012 4:11 PM, Rob wrote:
Dear List,
I have been going crazy trying to figure out why I can use this great
program and others are having problems.
So I have redone the scripts. they no longer depend on frames.
They have been tested on Windows 7 & Windows XP.
Using Jaws 11 and Jaws 13 32 and 64 bit.
Please run the copytrans manager window maximized.

if you need to download the latest version of copytrans manager use the
below link:
get the new scripts at:
If you do not have iTunes installed, you will need the copytrans drivers
so that your iPhone will be recognized.
get the drivers at:
for help email me off list at
If you dont know what copytrans is,
it is a free program that allows you to add music, playlists, ringtones,
and videos to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod without using iTunes.

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