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Udo Egner-Walter

Hi Renette, 

First thing I would try is to check F7 with another screenreader to find out if this is a JAWS problem or if it is a Word problem. Since you hadn't this problem by using an older JAWS Version this might be the new JAWS version which causes this problem but I would check this with another screenreader to be sure about this. 

To use spell checking without crashing you could use the shortcut Alt+F7. This don't fixes the problem but maybe you can work with that till there's a solution. Alt+F7 is a Word hotkey that sets the focus to the next proofreading error and opens a context menu. In this context menu you find suggestions made by Word but you can also press ESC and change the found word by yourself. 

You could also use the JAWS hot key Alt+Shift+L. This lists all found proofreading errors in a dialog. You can select one and JAWS will focus it in the Word document. You can always open the context menu to find some suggestions made by Word. 

You might also use Quick Navigation Key to go to the prior and/or next proofreading error. I can't use this at this time on my Word but you might be successful, try it out. Turn Quick Navigation Key on by pressing JAWS+Y. To turn it off press the same shortcut again. Now you can use single keys to go to a special part of the document. The letter M sets the focus to the next proofreading error, Shift+M to the prior one. 

Hope there's something you can use here. Good luck 

Am 18.06.2021 um 08:26 schrieb renette bloem <renette@...>:

Good Morning


Vaguely I recall that this topic was mentioned?


I installed the latest version of Jaws 2 days ago.


I cannot use the spell check in Word (office 365) anymore.


Word freezes each time I press F7 to go to the spell check.

No need to mention that the spell check cannot take place.


Is there a work around to this problem?




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