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Hi Kelby,


I just tested this in a Word 2019 document. I opened a find and replace dialog by pressing ctrl + h. I then entered the text to search for in the find what text box. In the replace with text box, I typed the text I wanted, highlighted it, and pressed ctrl + I to make it italic and then executed the replace all button by pressing alt + r. All occurrences of the searched text were replaced with the appropriate text which was italicized.


Alan Lemly


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Subject: Find/Replace Formatting in Word


I need to add italics to a specific text string that occurs a number of times in a WOrd document. WHen I go to the find/replace dialogue in Word, there is a formatting menu, but there is no way to indicate whether you want the formatting to be in the find or replace field. Can one do this accessibly?



K. Scott Carlson

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