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And if you work for a call centre you should talk to your boss regarding a custom solution where you have Jaws on one ear and your phone call on the other. This is definitely possible with wired headsets, probably more difficult with Bluetooth.


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Hank,It sounds like ideally, you want something that would allow you to only use one ear; and what I remember about the Bose is that it would be very difficult to remove the left, or position it so your work headset could be worn.


Loudness somewhat depends on your system and the Jaws setting, but if you could use a Bluetooth single ear piece, there are lots of choices from Plantronics.





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Good morning Phillip,


I am personally looking for a very loud pair of good earphones so I will be able to hear jaws loud enough in only my right hand side ear, (I have a bit of hearing loss in my right hand side ear), because I will not be able to use my other ear to also hear jaws, because I will need to use my left hand side ear solely to hear properly incoming cusstomer calls and talk to them through a separte one ear headset with a mike at an incoming calls call centre.


Can you maybe please tell me if these Bose QC 35 II headphones are quite loud? Any help you can maybe give me with this would be so very much appreciated! Much, much thanks in advance for any help!








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It helps to know what you are looking to spend. The options at $50 are a lot different than the $300 options.

I personally use the Bose QC 35 II headphones. I have had them for about 3 years now and use them daily. I would estimate I wear them an average of 8 hours a day including weekends. I use them for work and personal use. They have a Bluetooth option, and I do use it, but most of the time I plug them into my computer or iPad. The battery is supposed to last 20 hours if you’re using Bluetooth and 40 hours if they are plugged into a 3.5 jack and you’re just using noise canceling. The foam began coming out of the ear pieces about a year ago, but I replaced them for about $30.

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