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And, fortunately, you can mute any thread you don’t want to see, which I’m doing with this subject as it is pointless.





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On Tue, Jun 15, 2021 at 09:14 AM, Gerald Levy wrote:

but I think the list owner, if there is even anyone in charge, has a responsibilty to clarify wheterh this is permissible and even consider changing the name of this list to reflect its more general nature. 

There is a list owner, and it's been the same list owner ever since I joined several years ago.

They are not obligated to do anything, really.  And it is absolutely not practical to change the name of any list once established.  One could, however, change the list description, as it is entirely inaccurate and had been for a long time, as you are correct that this group has expanded to topics well beyond JAWS a long while back.

But a group owner or moderator can be as stringent or lax as they wish to be around what is stated as "the central topic focus" for groups they manage.  This one happens to be lax.

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