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David Griffith

I use thunderbird almost daily for RSS but it is not perfect.

I moved  to Thunderbird after the old RSS Reader from Webbie  no longer worked for increasing numbers of feeds.

Basically you need to set the view option in thunderbird to open in web page rather than summary but even then it often does not initially work.  Neither NVDA nor Jaws will detect content on those unresponsive web pages.

Luckily on those non responsive pages pressing the application key and pressing O for Open in browser will sort those pages out and you can read them in your browser.

It is part of my muscle memory now and not too much of an inconvenience and worth it for the convenience of accessing RSS.

it  is the best accessible option I have found. There were some other suggestions for RSS Readers on the NVDA list but personally I found them completely inaccessible.

I stopped using Outlook as it was taking so long for Outlook to finish loading the RSS Feeds and inhibiting my quicker access for reading emails.

Thunderbird is also a bit laggy on startup in loading all the feeds as well but once loaded I just keep it running in the background.

David G.

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From: Dennis Brown
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Does Thunderbird have RSS retrieving/reading functions?



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For anyone who does not wish to go the Outlook route, Thunderbird is an excellent email client and accessible.

For the adventurous and those who already use and like any Chromium-based browser, the Vivaldi browser has just released a version that has an integrated email client (yes, email client, not webmail) as a feature of the browser.  It's almost certain to be accessible given that the whole of Vivaldi is driven by underlying Chromium presentation management code.  Since there are a lot of folks who are using Edge, Chrome, Brave, etc., this would be an experiment worth trying.  And the fact that Vivaldi has a privacy-centric ethos is a bonus.

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