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The below is from my web site:

Audio Description resources

The American council of the Blind maintains the most up-to-date list of programs with Audio Description (also known as Video Description.) Here are some direct links to some popular lists.

Disney Plus titles with description Apple TV Plus shows with Audio DescriptionBroadcast TV with Audio Description Movies in the theater or on DVD with audio Description Netflix shows with audio Description UK TV show Schedules Amazon prime audio described Movies and TV shows iTunes audio described Movies and TV shows

Other resources for Audio Description

Described Movies from Jeff

Jeff Rutkowski is someone who has provided a lot of movies and TV shows audio files for live streaming or downloading. Here is the first paragraph from his web site followed by the link.
Welcome to my described movies page. To listen to any of these movies, simply click on or press enter on the link. If you wish to download them, access your applications menu and select the "save link as" or "Save target as" option. Please note: I try to make sure that all links listed on this page work, and few to no duplicated movies exist but, I may have missed a few here and there. If you find duplicate links or links that lead to a non-working movie, feel free to contact me at jrutkowski7 at gmail Jeff Rutkowski's Described Movie's page

Audio Vault

Audio Vault is another site that is also linked from Jeff Rutkowski's page, but here is the direct link. Note, you have to sign up for a free account to download described audio files from the Audio Vault, much like the way the Blind Mice Movie Vault works, only easier.

Blind Mice Mega Mall Movie Vault

Once you have established a free account you can go directly to the Movie Vault where they have MP3 files of movie soundtracks with audio description.
To create an account, go to their main page: Blind Mice Mega Mall Then, you can use the next link to go directly to the movie vault. Note, you will have to login but then you will be on the movie vault page.
Blind Mice Movie Vault

Most TV's now have the ability to turn on the Audio Description channel, often it is the Secondary Audio Programing feature under the audio controls. If your TV does not have that, check with your cable company about how to access their content with audio description.

If you are an xFinity customer you can call their accessibility help desk: 855-270-0379

If you have an iPhone, go to Settings, General, Accessibility. In the section titled Media, you can enable Subtitles and Captioning. Only enable that if you want VoiceOver reading the captions. The next item is Audio Descriptions, it defaults to off, double tap to turn it on using VoiceOver. This way, things you stream with audio description should play the audio description automatically. Some services will require you to select description from the audio controls within their app.

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Hello All,


My computer crashed, and I lost the information posted here a while back about a good audio description web site.  I had tried and liked the site.  Can someone give me that link again?  Boy, computer crashes are sure not fun.


Tim Ford


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