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Adrian Spratt

If these methods don’t work, try turning on the JAWS cursor, locating the button with that cursor, then pressing Jaws key+the PC key. This used to work often, but less so lately.


Then if that fails, try the touch cursor, shift-PC key and locating the button in case pressing enter works.


It crosses my mind that turning off JAWS and going with Narrator might be an option, but I’ve never tried it.


Little is more frustrating than going through an entire form, only for the last button not to work with a screenreader.


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Subject: Re: confirmation button won't work


Have you tried using a different browser to see if the results are the same?  Also, after pressing spacebar or enter on the confirmation button try pressing, Insert + escape, to refresh / repaint the screen and see if that'll help.  I've found that on many websites the chromium browsers are slow to respond to key commands.



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Subject: confirmation button won't work


Hi, all,  I am on a website trying to set up a date and time for a phone interview. I was able to choose the date, and then it gave a list of times available for that date. There is a definite button for each date to choose, but when I enter on the one I want it doesn’t confirm it. I’ve tried actually selecting it and pressing enter and a few other things but nothing works. Any help is appreciated in advance. Using win 10, jaws 2019. Judy & Libby

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