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On Sun, Jun 13, 2021 at 06:03 AM, Dave Durber wrote:
Personally, I have never trusted Microsoft's upgrade utilities, to migrate any system, from an existing version of Windows, to a new version of Windows, despite the aggrovation of installing and setting up the software in the new operating system.
In all the years I've done Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrades, I think I've had one or two machines that didn't "come through perfectly."  And by perfectly I am including their behavior under Windows 10 after the upgrade and the ability of those machines to keep marching forward as Feature Updates have rolled out.

Most that are problematic won't even make it through the upgrade process, or will be very cranky in short order afterward if they do.  I used to say on various groups, and frequently, that if you have an ill-maintained and flaky Windows 7 instance you simply cannot expect the upgrade process to go smoothly or, if it does, that the Windows 10 instance so created will be trouble free.  You can't build a house on quicksand and expect it to stand.

But my personal practice in my business is always to do an in-place upgrade then have the client keep an eye on things afterward.  I have yet to have a single one call back with issues.  Those that did have issues displayed them either by the in-place upgrade failing, or with peculiar behavior from upgraded Windows 10 right after I've finished the upgrade and am doing quick checks.

But I do completely clean reinstalls only as a last resort after an in-place upgrade has failed.  And I'll do a repair install on the system before even considering doing a completely clean reinstall.  Most customers have a lot of time, effort, and money invested in exactly what's on their computers, and having to start from scratch is something I do my utmost to help them avoid.

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