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On Sat, Jun 12, 2021 at 10:49 PM, David Diamond wrote:
the tech at the chain of stores, told me when they refurbish a computer, all they do is look for the immediate problems, then ship it out.
Well, that can be true, if you're buying from an amateur "refurbisher." It's absolutely false if you're buying an OEM factory refurbished machine.  Those ship from their manufacturers having been absolutely, completely reviewed for functionality and their drives freshly reimaged.  No OEM would ever ship out a machine that could have residual data on it from whatever source it came from for refurbishing.  They're also generally "like new," with any components that might need to be replaced having been so.

That's why I often recommend factory OEM refurbished machines for those on a budget.  And I've bought multiple factory refurbished machines myself.  Very often they've just been opened and cannot be sold again as new.  And you can get business class machines off lease, and refurbished, for very good prices and they're more durable than consumer grade hardware.

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