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David Diamond

Phoned them, they looked for a new driver and could find nothing.  It went to the 2nd teer of tech support and I got someone who sounded like he had 4 Kleenexes over his mouth. He really should invest in a better headset.  Anyway he got us to do a restore from 10 days prior to the sound card crashing, that was useless.  Still the same problem, no sound.  I took it to a chain of stores who have computer techs there and one of them told me, he suspects the culprit is the latest windows update as what I thought was the culprit, I installed a demo of Total recorder on my lap top and that’s when it all happened.  He said it could not have been the installation of total recorder. Total recorder strongly suggests before purchasing any of their products, you try it out first.  Once you purchase the product, no refunds are forth coming.   


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On Sat, Jun 12, 2021 at 05:40 PM, Dan Longmore wrote:

That will take assistance  so disability desk may be good place to start.

Absolutely true.

Microsoft Windows & Office Accessibility Support.   U.S. Toll Free:  (800) 936-5900

US Microsoft & Windows Accessibility Support Webpage
if you wish to use a contact method other than by phone.

UK Microsoft & Windows Accessibility Support Webpage


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